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8 Daily habits that I am learning from my little dog to keep a healthy life

Recently, I adopted a puppy and it is one of the happiest events that happened to me in the previous year. My dog gives me a lot of love and a lot of joy. But what I am discovering is her daily habits and how she does to be happy almost of the day.

She lives in a simple manner and do little actions on a daily basis that keeps her in a good mood and shape. Below the most important.


This is the most impressive thing that my dog does. Each time she wakes up, the first thing she does is stretching. Even when she is very hungry and that she needs to eat, she stretches her body before. And I try to stretch each time I see her stretching. It is a very simple action but when I stretch my body, it helps me feel relaxed and better.


My dog spends almost of the day resting. I wish I can rest as much as her, but it is not possible because I have a fulltime job and personal responsibilities. But what I learn is to rest when I can do it. Even taking a very small nap can help me to be in a better mood.

Play as much as you can

Playtime is mandatory for my dog. She finds a way to play each day. And she creates games with what she has (a bone, a paper sheet …).

We need to do the same and spend a daily time in entertainment activities.

Eat only as you need

My dog eats very little amounts. I should do like her to stay fit.


Even if my dog does not eat a lot, she likes eating with me or with my sister’s dog. Each time I am eating, she comes and tries to eat what I am eating. I think that she enjoy socializing more than eating itself. Like her, I think that the most delicious meals are those shared with our loved ones.

Be self confident

My dog is a little chihuahua, she weighs 3 kgs, but she acts like a big dog. For example, she is very afraid of man and boys, but she keeps barking when they are around. She acts like she is not afraid and sometimes that works.

Be happy and enjoy the moment

I think that dogs live in the current moment and do not care at all about the past or the future. They are also happy for very little things. I should learn this. I am a very anxious person, I need to stop worrying and enjoy the moment.

Don’t hesitate to express your feeling

My dog expresses her joy in many ways (tail movement, moving her body in a dancing way…). But she also let us know when she is not happy, she can brake on people and also bite. I recognize that biting is not the best way to express our insatisfaction but that works: we stop disturbing her :D.

Finally, I think that having a dog is a blessing itself and we need to be grateful for this the same way that dogs are grateful for having their humans.




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