The problem with self help posts

Recommendations of the post

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  • ​​Exercise: 3 times per weeks (I guess that 15 minutes per time is the minimum).
  • Sleep: 7–8 hours a night
  • Read: 60 minutes a day
  • Write: 30 minutes a day
  • Walk: 30 minutes a day

​How I spend my day

If I take my personal example, this is how I spend my day:

  • In the morning: 45 minutes between shower, getting ready and coffee
  • In the evening: 15 minutes for getting ready to sleep
  • Work: 8 hours (+2 hours of commute for the days that I am working on site => 3 days per week)

​The real life

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  • Transition time and technical constraints: in many cases switching from a task to another needs time. For example, if I want to do workout, I need to put my fitness clothes. And if I go to the gym, I will spend time commuting. And after the sport, I need to shower. So the 15 minutes can easily become one hour.
  • Rest: We are human and we need time to transit between 2 tasks. When I finish my work I spend a few time on my sofa doing NOTHING, because I am tired and I need to rest. After exercising, I need to rest. When I go to sleep, I need time to fall asleep.
  • Restroom time: It is a detail, but a “normal person” goes to the restroom 6 to 10 times a day with an average of 2 or 3 minutes each time (10 minutes a day minimum).
  • It is very benefical to exercise, but if we cannot exercise for 30 minutes, 7 minutes of “Full body workout” could be enough. And if we don’t have 7 minutes, we can just spend 4 minutes a day for a HIIT tabata session.
  • Reading is very good, but not everyone can read for 60 minutes a day. The most important is to read, whatever the time or the amount read: 2 pages, 5 minutes … it is ok.
  • If we cannot write/journal for 30 minutes a day, we can do less. There are many micro journaling technics that takes only 2 or 3 minutes. We can also do a brain dump for only 5 minutes.



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IT working girl. Interested in many topics such as project management, self help and trading. Writes in French and English